Spicy Ginger Cafe

I must admit that I discovered  Spicy Ginger Cuisine by accident. After a few too many beverages at Realm after work on a Friday, we headed into the Shanghai Dumpling Café for much needed sustenance. On a Friday night the café was much too full to take walk in customers so with our heads in our hands we walked across the street to Spicy Ginger Cuisine. We were greeted by a friendly maître d who sat us promptly. We were sat at a table for two in a little corridor that connected the two sections of the restaurant. Separately from the noise it was the perfect little nook for the shameful amount of food I was about to consume.


Cute little dish

 The menu has all the classic Asian dishes that you would want to see, (honey chicken and garlic king prawns are a staple of my diet) but also some fresh original recipes which sounded delicious. The original dishes however did include deep fried pork intestines which I made note to stay far away from. Ten points for originality and creativity though!


We started with vegetarian spring rolls ($2.50) for two, which I thought was very good. Nothing annoys me more than paying an unreasonable amount for spring rolls. They werent flaky like you would normally assume of spring rolls, but they also didnt flake everywhere making me look like i have the eating habits of a 4 year old, which was fantastic.

I had ordered the steamed prawn and pumpkin dumplings ($14), one of the original dishes that caught my eye. The dumplings actually beat the spring rolls to the table. The dumplings were in a light fluffy casing stuffed with small pieces of pumpkin, chopped prawn and other veggies.


Prawn and Pumpkin Dumplings

They were cooked perfectly and complimented perfectly with a mix of chilli and soy sauce. Despite their tiny stature they are filling and I couldn’t have possibly finished the whole serve myself.

Next out was Friends Mongolian Beef. We had ordered Mongolian Lamb, another staple dish, but found it wasn’t on the menu, by recommendations from the waiter decided to change it to beef. Friend guaranteed that it was every bit as good as the lamb alternative with generous helpings of the thick serving sauce.


Mongolian Beef

As a filler we order combination fried rice which to my pleasant surprising didn’t have bacon in it. A mix of shrimp, peas and fried egg.


 What really stood out about the SGC was the service. From the moment we walked in we were met with such enthusiasm and helpfulness. We were offered another more comfortable table throughout the meal, which we declined as we were perfectly happy in our corridor. The maître d also came over during the meal to check that everything had arrived and to make sure we were happy. His attention to detail was on point, even picking up on the waitress forgetting the accompanying sauce for our spring rolls, which was quickly fetched and given to us with the upmost of apologies, despite us only waiting about 3o seconds extra to receive it. Our water bottle was replaced once we had finished it, which may sound like a insignificant details but I can confidently say it speaks volumes about exceptional service.

The SCG website claims that you will not be disappointed with the quality or quantity of food, and they were spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience  and on my way out of the restaurant noticed an advertisement for all you can eat yum cha at lunchtime for only $20pp. Needless to say I’ll be back in no time.

Food 4/5
Service 4.5/5
Value 4/5
Atmosphere 4/5
Total 16.5/20

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