Ona Coffee – Fyshwick

Fyshwick isn’t a place I often find myself looking for good coffee. On Wednesday morning I was waiting for a rather special Qantas freight package, but with 20minutes before landing I found myself in desperate need of caffeine. I headed over to the Ona Coffee house on Wollongong Street. They also have another  Ona premises in Manuka and supply their beans to a number of cafes scattered around Canberra (Elk and Pea, Ricardos the list goes on ).

image image

Ona is Canberra born and bred with a self proclaimed relentless passion towards coffee. It boasts a number of coffee options, ironic as I cant make any important decisions before a morning coffee. We take a seat at the only spare table, the place is absolutely pumping which sets our hopes high for the quality of coffee. The coffee house is far from the ‘daily grind’ with friendly staff greeting regular patrons like family, a trait I love to see around Canberra establishments. A bubbly waitress come to take our order, I order a soy latte, and Boyfriend a standard latte with banana bread. The banana bread is quick out andpresented in a quirky way


Butter served in a babycino cup. Clever and cute :)

The coffees are taking longer than expected so Boyfriend heads up to the counter for takeaways, a double dose of irony as the coffees in the waitresses hand are ours, heading to our table.


I look around for the sugar but instead I find Columbian Rapadura,a replacement for generic white sugar. It sweetness the coffee without detracting from the flavour, as it promises too.

image image image

We skull our coffees down, which we are only able to do because they are at the perfect temperature. Canberra is notorious for overheating the milk to compensate for the cold weather. The taste doesn’t blow me away, but it hits the caffeine craving just right. We pay our bill and I spy a cabinet full of rolls, muffins and other treats looking tempting.


As we rush out the door I make a mental note to come back again soon for a more leisurely visit.

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